Thursday, August 2, 2012

College Advice for Undocumented Student College Confidential

College Advice for Undocumented Student College by College Confidential. I am sure everyone knows what College Confidential is. It is where you go to converse with other high school students, graduates, parents, and college gurus to help you get through high school, standardized testing, and the whole college process! It is a forum where you can create threads and reply to other people's posts. I spend A LOT of time on it, especially only the SAT section, which is where I found all the resources for acing the SAT (I received a 2300 and I owe much to College Confidential forum). If you want to know about my prep let me know, but I think most reading this are already through with standardized tests.

College Advice for Undocumented Student College Confidential

Everyone must read this through so they realize that college is accessible and there are scholarships for undocumented students, although we are not eligible for federal aid! Some of the important things you must note here:
-"most colleges will consider you as if you were an “international” student, which means that you will be eligible for any scholarship money that they have for non-citizens, whether from outside the U.S. or within."
-"one schools are interested in undocumented students because of the “diversity” that they will bring to campus and thus do not expect the undocumented students to be stronger that the average student there." However, it states that it is usually the TOP undocumented students who get into the top universities. So if we work hard with determination, we have a good chance of being accepted and even getting financial aid!
-I will just copy the entire quote because it requires emphasis! "The colleges that have the most money to give away to international and undocumented students are often the ones that are the toughest for anyone to get into, so the bar is set very high for all applicants but especially for international and undocumented students who are often expected to exceed the norm. However, admission officials are usually sympathetic to the hardships that many undocumented applicants have faced, and this can be a plus in the admission process."

The information above has served as an impetus for me to forget about my "disadvantages" and simply work hard as any other excellent student would.We are only encumbered by our OWN thoughts. Don't get hung up on the fact that you are undocumented. Instead read posts like above and know that if you persevere and achieve, you will have as good of a chance as any other students at top schools. That is what I believe and I hope you will share in my confidence.

By no means am I trying to supply what some downers might call "false hope." And I don't wish to believe that I am deluded. I think there is some truth in what I am saying and only results will tell in May. Until then why not just try your best? It's better to know that at least you tried and leave no regrets.


  1. PLEASE SHARE YOUR SAT TIPS. I'm aiming for 2000 and my current sat score is 1700

  2. Hey, what grade are you in?

    Anyways, studying for the SAT is all about motivation, drive, and determination. And getting your desired score is more than possible. You have to first believe in your self. Then tell yourself that you will study and other people know that you will study. When people have expectations for you, you will have a fear of disappointing them so you will actually study and try harder. If you are motivated, there is really nothing to achieve. I went from 167 I think on PSAT sophomore to 2060 to 2300 final. I will make a new post on the blog for you so check it out.