Thursday, August 2, 2012

Undocumented Student Accepted at Yale and Stanford

I was reading through things related to undocumented students and I stumbled across an article on STATIC by Fermin Mendoza, a Stanford graduate who is of hispanic origins and is an undocumented student.

Although it's disheartening to read about his inability to major in civil engineering because of his immigration status, stories like these serve as inspiration and hope for me. An undocumented student getting accepted into the nation's best colleges and getting full financial aid.

Although my background is very different from his. I read that his high school was 98% Latino so he came from a "protective" environment where he could disclose his status without being judged. They understood him. My school is 60% white and I live in a middle/upper middle class neighborhood. They don't understand immigration very well.

But regardless, his story is hope for me. I wish to attend universities like those he was accepted at. I won't be able to without financial aid so reading about undocumented students getting full rides is very exciting for me.

P.S.: I know this story is a bit old but because I started this blog late, I want to share all the things I found before I started the blog.

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  1. Hi, I'm currently a high school senior who has recently found out that I'm an undocumented student... I was wondering how you went through the whole process of college applications as an undocumented student. Can I ask you some questions via email or whatever means is most comfortable for you?