Thursday, August 2, 2012

College Board Undocumented Students Resources Guide

College Board's resources guide for undocumented students:

It should mostly be used for scholarship information. It covers several states, not just California so it should be somewhat useful to many undocumented students nationwide.It is great to see that College Board is making the effort to help and support undocumented students. In the guide, there is a long list of scholarships that an undocumented student can have access to. It also has numerous organizations designed to help undocumented students that offer scholarships. So it won't be bad to go over the section that covers your state and maybe bookmark some of those organizations and scholarship opportunities.

There are many opportunities out there! You just have to be active in searching for them and taking advantage of them. Although my family is low income ~20-30k (I've never actually talked to my parents about this but only my mom is currently working), which is the lowest or 2nd lowest income bracket for financial aid at colleges. But I believe that I will be able to afford an education at top public universities at UC Berkeley or UCLA (in state tuition) and if I work hard enough even at top privates like the Stanford and the ivies!

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